Christina Bishop

“With great power comes great responsibility”

The ability to create something with art, words, and music can be a powerful thing; it can change people's minds, be a call for equality and justice, and help the world be a better place. However, what happens when art and the people who admire or create a work of art become abusive and attack others using a piece of art? The debate over The Punisher is not a new one; Apu, Bergermister Misterberger, Dairy of a Wimpy Kid, Flowers for Algernon, FairlyOdd Parents, Family Guy, Big Mouth, and even some Disney films and shows are now sparking interest in how art becomes abusive or discriminatory to a group of people.

Jojo Rabit
The Comedian Harmonists (Wiener Gruppe) — The Dwarfs Yodel Song
And he, the Grinch himself carved the roast beast!
From here on earth,
From my small place
I ask of You
Way out in space:
Please tell all men
In every land
What You and I
Both understand . . .

Tuba player, creator of Struwwelkinder and The Flying Circus Orchestra