The Tale of Three Teachers

Christina Bishop
3 min readSep 28, 2020

This is a story about three teachers

  • Henry Hammer
  • Dan Dollar
  • Wendy Winner
  • And the Teachers Who Stand Up to Them

At Fillberflink Collage all the teachers are doing their best to learn how to be kind and nurturing teachers to their students, but they also have to work with three teachers that they see every day who like to bully and harass them. One teacher felt very angry that Henry was making students fearful of learning and about themselves, another felt the same way when Dan was making students feel like no matter how hard they tried they could not earn or be worth anything, and finally, another felt the same way when Wendy made everything a contest with winners and losers. So the next day they wanted to know why they teach the way they did.

Chuck asked Henry why he taught the way he did, “Every student is a nail, and the ones that can’t build are a problem I deal with every day. They have to be willing to build or else I have to get out the hammer!”

Charles asked Dan why he taught the way he did, “Education is like a business, sometimes you hire good students and fire the bad ones because that is how you prepare them for a job.”

Cristie then asked Wendy why she taught the way she did, “The real world is a competitive place full of competitions, and either your a winner or a loser and that’s how it is!”

All three; Chuck, Charles, and Cristie then went to Mrs. Bliss the school psychologist to ask her and tell her about how every day they felt bullied, belittled, and hurt by how they treated them and their students. She then told them, “It’s because they forgot…at some point in their life that themself’s and their students are people with dreams, needs, goals, identities, and desires to do good in the world. They are not nails on wood, dollars in and bank, or trophies on a wall; they are people like you and me

Chuck, Charles, and Cristie finally now had the courage and the tools they needed to stand up to the three teachers and because they did this they became better, kinder, tolerant, accepting, and caring teachers in the world. When Chuck would encounter someone like Henery he made students know that no matter what anyone says they too have the courage to stand up for who they were and love who they were. When Charles encountered someone like Dan he taught them that they can make their own tools, dreams, and desires and build something new over what they learned and did it at their own pace. When Cristie encountered someone like Wendy she told her students that no one is a nail on wood, a dollar in a bank, or a trophy on the wall but that students are people who want the world to be a better and fairer place for everyone.

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