The Day Bob the Tomato Fought Back

Christina Bishop
4 min readJan 28, 2021

“God thinks your special, and he loves you very much”

This is why Veggie Tales has resonated with not only Christians of many denominations; but also with atheists and agnostics like myself. For a person like myself, the concept of God is what is good about the world around us and what also makes us feel good when we do good. Buddhist call this concept enlightenment and I feel very enlightened that a progressive evangelical like the creator of Veggie Tales is fighting alongside atheist YouTuber Paulogia.

When some in my community think about evangelicals or Christians; they think of the people who want to heal and cure us of Autism, casting out demons, bible bashing, or people who want prayer in schools and government institutions or people like Ray Comfort and Ken Ham who fail in every biology class, don’t know how a brain works or are not even inspired by the powerful message of Carl Sagans Cosmos.

However, another way of thinking is that God gave us a planet to teach us about life and to learn from our failures as human beings. If we are not careful we could lose everything that gives life meaning and inspires us every day to help are the only gift that we have as living things. The Big Bang Theory a concept Ken Ham hates was actually a concept made by a Catholic astrologist, genetics was also discovered by a priest in Germany when he notices why some peapods have either white or purple flowers, even Galaeleo who observed planets, conjunctions, gravity, and proved the earth went around the sun once worked for the church as an astrologist until he was declared a heretic by his own church. Even Albert Einstein was an agnostic who warned us about people like Ken Ham and other creationists.

Also, evolution as a scientific law when it comes to biology is even more proof that God made us special and different as human beings. However, people like Ken Ham and Eric Hovand are the same people who think Jesus was a white man when he actually was olive-skinned, whose birthplace was in what is now the Gaza Strip, spoke three languages, and was a child of refugees who escaped persecution at a time when Rome took over the whole Mediterranean coast and parts of Britten when the Celts were still living there. This means that he was born during a time of Roman imperialism and power called the Pax Romana.

The Real Jesus Ken Ham does not want you to see…

Artistic interpretations of Jesus have him with short long hair when archeology says that when Romans took Jewish people as prisoners they would cut their hair to shame them because they believed their strength came from their hair. Also, many victims were often thrown in a mass pit which means the Gospels are the only known documents for how early Jewish people in what is now the Gaza Strip lived and what they and other people around them believed. Again, the Bible is written by multiple authors which Phill Visher also made a show called What’s In The Bible?; which also dives into who wrote the text, what it actually means, and what was happening when these people wrote the text.

Some of the arguments against science, atheism, agnosticism, women, and the LGTQ community were actually made by religious writers from the Middle Ages rather than the actual message of the story of Jesus which is a message of being a good and kind person, being respectful of everyone, and helping the needy and the poor. Most of the Evangelical propaganda we hear comes from Mc Carthyisum and not the New Testament, if Jesus knew about televangelist and people like the Farwells and Grams he would say that none of them were getting a free ticket to Heaven.

“How difficult it will be for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God!”-Mark 10:17–31

Sadly many of the Evangelists who were also at the Capitol Riot this year never read the New Testament with all their arguments for Family and Christian values according to surveys and studies from all over the United States in particular. It’s clear that their goal is not peace on earth, but imperialism and nationalism which our founding fathers who were also agnostics like Phil Visher and Athisist like Paulalogia and Seth Andrews feared when they wrote the First Amendment of our Constitution. Tomas Jefferson said that “A man can believe what he believes as long as it does not pick my pocket” and he was the man to create the barrier we know as the separation of Church and State.

People like Mike Pence and others like Focus on the Family, Liberty University, Heritage Foundation, Prager U, and the Koch Brothers are pickpocketers along with Ray Comfort, Ken Ham, and many others. Recently Wheaton College which Phil was a student of, had to change its motto to allow future agnostics, women, and atheists to be protected from religious pickpockets. Because of this creationist groups banned Wheaton from their list of Creationist Collages. People who claim they want to heal me of my Autism are these people but in the words of both Bob the Tomato and Lary the Cukcumber…

“God thinks you’re special and he loves you very much!”



Christina Bishop

Tuba player, creator of Struwwelkinder and The Flying Circus Orchestra