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Rebuttal for Diary of a Sociopathic Abelist

Greg’s behavior isn’t seen as the right thing at all. The humor comes from the massive asshole he is. For example, when Greg got his friend suspended from [whatever it’s called where kids help smaller kids get to school safely] after loaning his friend’s jacket and not admitting he was the one bullying the small kids, he starts blaming the friend. The humor here is that he’s wrong and being an asshole, and not at all portrayed as being right

On top of that, his being in bad situations is also used for humor. For example, he visits the weirdest kid in the series at his home, where Greg gets chased by the weird kid with a booger on his finger. After Greg locks himself in the bathroom, the weird kid puts the booger on an apology letter and slits it under the door. When Greg picks up the letter, he only noticed that his finger was on the booger after reading the letter, at which point he faints. His bad experience there was used for humor. So was the weird kid being weird, but that’s not specifically him being disabled, just extremely weird. Whether some people connect that type of weird to disabled people I don’t know

It’s also pretty odd to assume that Greg’s friend has down syndrome, but even if he does, it’s not a reason for any of the things that Greg does to him. IIRC, the friend was never even confirmed to have any disorders at all.

I also think I remember that quite a lot of random kids at the school are just stupid, not only the friend

The author of this article also assumed that the DOAWK author saw the letter from the girl with down syndrome and ignored it instead of considering that he might not have read it

It’s great they want to expose harmful entertainment, but they don’t seem to understand the book- u/YeetMeatToFeet

Imagine if people had a Lucy van Pelt fan club and trolled people because they liked Charlie Brown. That is how I feel about the Reddit community r/LoadedDiper trolling r/DignosiedAutism over having a civil discussion over how to hold authors like Jeff Kinney accountable for ableist language in a book that is now considered curriculum in public schools. For one thing, Greg targets special needs people because sociopathic people chose targets that are the weakest and easiest to manipulate.

George Carlin Interview — On Comedians Who Pick On The Underdogs

This behavior, later on, pops up in adulthood as they use people as a latter to climb higher and higher socially and socially. The behavior on r/LoadedDiper is not different than that of the alt-Right and TERF communities to transgender and LGBTQA communities which many Autistic and Aspbergers people are a part of which are vulnerable groups of people who have historically been harassed and bullied for years. Gorge Carlin in this interview says that comics, artists, and comedians, in general, should be punching hard at people like Greg Hefley rather than elaborating on his grandiosity and gross perspective of the special ed community. The reason why we don’t have Lucy van Pelt fan clubs is that we see what she does to Linus and Charlie Brown which is cruel. Yet some successful sociopathic businesswomen admire and adore Lucy and Angelica because they are the sociopaths like LoadedDiper is to Greg and Jeff Kinney. The Philosopher Frederich Niche was afraid of people who admired sociopaths and psychopaths like Greg Hefley which is why he wrote in Beyond Good and Evil.

“He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby becomes a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

Eugenic Propaganda

The reason why sociopaths and psychopaths are the true monsters is that they attack and demonize weak and vulnerable people like people in the impaired and disabled community. Eugenics spread like wildfire the same way Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The International Jew, and Mein Kampf have. Henry Ford threatened schools to make square dancing curriculum in the same manner big publishing has made Diary of a Wimpy Kid special ed curriculum with no questions about why Greg’s behavior is wrong. Adolf Hitler was also a fan of Henry Ford and had his portrait in his office and his targets of extermination were first disabled and impaired people.

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Special Ed rooms should be a safety net and a sanctuary for children with special needs yet how can it be when people are celebrating and admiring a character that targets people like you? Reading and History needs an update for all public schools and the first thing to do and must do is to hold big publishing accountable for allowing Jeff Kinney to get a free pass without criticism from the special ed community which has been ignored. The core of promoting and embracing neurodiversity is to reveal the toxic things that have harmed impaired, disabled, and Autistic people so that we can heal the harm done by behaviors and beliefs of sociopaths and psychopaths who target us.

People used to think Big Bang Theory and Glee weren't problematic to the disabled and impaired community but now that people are more aware of neurodiversity and the lack of it in media people are now realizing these shows problems and how to hold writers accountable and the same goes with comics and books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

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