Marching Bands are not Marketing Bands

Christina Bishop
2 min readJan 14, 2022
Tuskegee marching band threatens boycott: ‘We will no longer allow ourselves to be exploited’

Marching Bands or any performing arts group are not groups people should profit off or exploit. If we have learned from the dangers of shows like Dance Moms, the abuse and neglect of students in DCI and BOA-owned corps and bands, and the use of HBCU bands in advertising, films, and marketing without payment to all band students.

It’s that music educators have now become the new pyramid scammers and schemers who exploit vulnerable communities, music teachers, and public schools to falsely advertise their group without disclosure which is illegal in many federal and governmental aspects of the law. Warner Erhard Seminars, Motivational Speakers, Self-Help, and Toxic Competition do not work for music educators and teachers because of the toxic work philosophy and ethics it has created.

Gorge Hopkins, Dan Acherson, Lary Mc Cormick, Mary Procopio, Scott Steward, Jon Waters, and Mike Stevens. How many accounts do we as victims of such people have to file for these terrible people to finally receive punishment? Now thanks to people like me and the community I helped create, more people are thinking critically about the dangers of Toxic Competition and about how DCI and BOA are an authoritarian cult according to Steven Hasan.

Yet they continue to recruit middle schoolers whose minds are vulnerable, groups like MAASIN claim to help but give no alternatives for victims, directors who abuse are moved and still manage other programs, and these groups still profit the same way despite not learning from Star of Indiana which created the Tony Award-winning show Blast on how they can survive without discrimination, judgemental auditioning, toxic competition, and an environment based in community and well-being.

As for the HBCU bands at the end of the day, Drumline is no different from Animal House and American Pie 1, 2, and 3. Hazing, Abuse, Neglect, Discrimination, Ableism, Harassment, Assault; do not care what the color of your skin is, what nation your parents are from, what gender you are, whether you are Jewish or Muslim, or what impairment or disability you have they are monsters who hurt and harm others before it’s too late.

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Christina Bishop

Tuba player, creator of Struwwelkinder and The Flying Circus Orchestra