Good Girls Don’t Have to Wear Pink

Christina Bishop
2 min readJul 15, 2021

It is sad when girls tell other girls that they should like pink, they should like other things that say, girl, they should play nice with baby dolls and Barbies…

Those girls are horrible people in pink and when they grow up they tell other people that girls should do the same. Good girls should always know there are other things out there too…

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind-Hayao Miyasaki

There is a girl who wears blue and talks to insects in a dangerous jungle.

She Ra

There is a girl who discovers she is strong enough to help others.

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Some girls don’t have to be human or princesses, some are made from bits and pieces.

The Seven Lady Godivas-Dr.Seuss

Some wear nothing at all

Astro Boy and Uran-Tezuka Osamu

Some are robots.

They can move in things besides dresses

Betty Boop Bambo Isle-Max Fleischer

Some can fly.

Kiki’s Delivery Sevice-Hayo Miyasaki

Some live in amazing worlds like Thra

Middle Earth

Some live on and below Sesame Street

The Puppeteers of Sesame Street, including Julia the first Autistic Muppet and her puppeteer Stacy Gordon.

Girls can do anything in the art world without wearing pink sparkles or writing for girls only, I know because I write Struwwelkinder, and I too am a girl.



Christina Bishop

Tuba player, creator of Struwwelkinder and The Flying Circus Orchestra